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Nov 18, 2014


Sarah Maso and Elise Baker discuss their article about how children with phonological impairment respond to requests for clarification containing polysyllables. Posted November 2014


Jul 10, 2014

Silke Fricke interviews Blanca Schaefer and Indra Sinka about their article on the development of the New Reynell Developmental Language Scales and of a Multilingual Toolkit for use with children from linguistic and cultural backgrounds other than English, published in Volume 30 Issue 1 of Child Language Teaching and...

Jun 16, 2014

Folkert Kuiken and Ineke Vedder from the University of Amsterdam discuss rater variability in the assessment of speaking and writing in a second language.

May 2, 2014

In this podcast Ryo Nitta and Fumiyo Nakatsuhara discuss whether providing pre-task planning time impacts upon the scores and talk of test takers in a paired-format speaking test. Posted May...